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Closer Music is the Direct Music License songs & tracks provider for GROUNDBREAKING storytellers and creators. Our DML catalogs are perfect for social media, videos, films, events, stores, commercials, and many more!


We offer music 100% PROTECTED from all copyright claims... so you can stop worrying about legalities and instead focus your energy where it matters - the art!

Whether you’re subscribing or licensing a single-track - we’ve got you COVERED

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With our subscription plans, you receive unlimited downloads, high-quality music, a lifetime license, and all copyright coverage. UNLEASH endless possibilities with a library catered specially to your music licensing needs. With all of our subscriptions, there is NO LIMIT to the number of songs you can license. PLAY today!

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  • Almost all downloads include stems
  • Content cleared and published during an active subscription will remain protected from copyright claims forever
  • A lifetime and worldwide license if cleared and published during an active subscription

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